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Installing AirWatch

1. Open Safari on your iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod).
Tap to open and type in this address:

2. Tap AirWatch logo as pictured below.

Enrollment sample

3. Type the enrollment group ID to enroll your mobile device.
Mhkiphone_exch (for iPhones) OR
Mhkipad_exch(for iPads)
(Note: Codes are not case sensitive.)

4. Then Tap “Next”.


5. Type in your “corporate email address”

6. Password is your Windows/VPN to log into Windows.

7. Select "Next"

Password Authentication

8. When prompted to Save This Password? Tap “Never for This Website”

9. Open Device Ownership type by selecting the drop down box.

10. Select type of device owenership, and tap Done :
Corporate-Dedicated : 1 user, business owned device
Corporate – Shared : More that 1 person use this device
Employee Owned : Purchased by the user

Device Ownership

11. Select “Next”.

12. Mobile Use Policy Agreement will prompt you to “Accept or Decline”. Tap “Accept”

Policy Agreement

(Note: If you decline the policy, your device will be
un-rolled from AirWatch and you will not receive
corporate e-mail.)

13. Select “Redirect and Enable” to Enable Device Management.

Enable Device

14. Tap “Install.”


15. The next prompt will be to enter a 4-Digit passcode.

Pass Code

16. Tap “Install” once again


17. Enable Remote Management. Tap “Trust”

Remote MGM

18. Tap “Install” after trusting the profile

Trust Profile

19. Profile Installed, Tap “Done”

Profile Installed

20. AirWatch Enrollment is complete.

AirWatch enrollment complete

21. You may navigate away from this page. Select the
“Home” Button to take you back to the main page
with all of your icons.

Navigate away with Home button

22. Return to the home screen and open your Email App.


23. Enter your Windows/VPN password.


Setup of your device is now complete,
Please allow 15-20 minutes for mail,
contacts, and calendars to fully populate.

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