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Frequently Asked Questions

How did I get a Mohawk issued iPad?

If there is a solid business case for the purchase, e.g., to test a program for customers designed to be used on iPads or to use the devices as incentives for a competition, then the Business Unit President and the Business Unit CIO must approve the request prior to purchase. These purchases must be made through IS Purchasing via the eReq system.

I have a personal iPad; can I configure it to receive Mohawk email?

iPads and iPhone are now supported by Mohawk IS for Email, Calendar, Contacts and  Mohawk MyDisk.  Please open an eTicket or call the support center at (800) 241-4900 x26400. to have your account properly provisioned.

How do I access VPN from the iPad and what applications do I need VPN for?

Tap on Settings from the Home Screen.  On the top left, slide the VPN On/Off Switch to On.

What do I do if I lose or physically break my iPad?

Immediately call the Mohawk Support Center at (800)241-4900 x26400 and inform the agent.  If the device is stolen, Mohawk can wipe all information remotely to protect sensitive data.  A replacement unit will be shipped to you with a few business days. iPad failures are covered by warranty at no cost to the employee. The cost of replacement or repair due to loss or breakage is the responsibility of the employee.

What do I do if I need help using the iPad?

You should contact the Mohawk Support Center at (800)241-4900 x26400.  Please note that only limited support will be available for 3rd party apps.  Full support will be given for Mail, Calendar, & Contacts; Navigator Application; Afaria; VPN; and accessing Mohawk MyDisk via Office 2HD.

What internet sites can I access, what applications can I install on the iPad and will Mohawk reimburse me for an App I purchased for business reasons?

At this time, there are no limitations to what can be accessed on the internet or installed on the iPad from the App Store as long as those internet sites accessed or applications are within Mohawk Company Policy referenced below.  However, Mohawk will not, under any circumstance, reimburse an employee for the purchase of an App.  If an App is deemed required, it will be provided by Mohawk via Afaria. Policy: Corporate Owned iPads are Company property.  They are not private property of any employee. Company issued iPads are not to be used to access any offensive or disruptive Internet sites. Among those which are considered offensive, are any sites which contain sexual content, racial slurs, gender-specific comments, or any other comment that offensively addresses someone’s age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability.

Do I use 3G or WiFi?

When available, always use WiFi.  There are no additional costs associated with WiFi.  You are allotted 2GB of monthly data usage, which should be more than enough for ‘standard business use’.  You will have access to the internet using 3G, anywhere a 3G signal is available. Streaming movies or music to the iPad MUST be done using a WiFi connection and not 3G.  You can verify your wireless status by looking at the top left of the home screen. If will display 3G if you are connected to 3G, it will display 3 bars in the shape of a baseball diamond if you are connect to WiFi.

Can I get iTunes installed on my Mohawk issued PC?

The iTunes application on the PC is not supported by Mohawk Industries and should not be installed on Corporate PCs.  It is not needed for daily business functions or backups, however can be installed on your home PC and sync’d with your iPad. No support from the Mohawk Support Center will be given.

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